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Balloon colors may not match the color of your computer screen exactly.

Latex Balloons
Small Count Bags

If you order multiple packs of balloons, we will combine them in 1 or more packages.
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Other Sizes of Latex Balloons

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NOTE: Colors do not look the same between different computer monitors, so what we see and what you see will probably not be the same. We use the image from the manufacturer for our site. Please check description for more details or email for more info. Colors will vary from images on web site. Colors will not match between brands.

NOTE: Latex Balloon Colors are NOT the same uniflated and inflated. They are usually a darker color before they are blown-up.

NOTE: Latex Balloons size listed is the size when balloon is inflated.

NOTE: Bags of Assorted Colors means that, Assorted Colors are in the bag. There is no guarantee of the number of each color or even that all listed colors are in the bag. Bags come assorted from the factory. If you need a certain number of certain color(s) buy bags of the colors you need. No returns on bags because the number of a certain color was not in the bag.

NOTE: Latex Balloons are NO LONGER Returnable, due to abuse of our old return policy.


Light Blue 12 in. Latex-15ct.

Light Pink 12 in. Latex-15ct.

Pastel Green 12 in. Latex-15ct.

Emerald Green 12 in. Latex-15ct.

Yellow 12 in. Latex-15ct.

Lemon Yellow / Marigold
 12 in. Latex-15ct.

Opal White 12 in. Latex-15ct.

Lavender 12 in. Latex-15ct.

Red 12 in. Latex-15ct.

Royal Blue 12 in. Latex-15ct.

Deep Purple 12 in. Latex-15ct.

Navy 12 in. Latex-15ct.

Black 12 in. Latex-15ct.


Fuschia Pink 12 in. Latex-15ct.

Lime Green 12 in. Latex-15ct.
Item Number: #LGLB1-15ct
Price: $1.79

Clear 12 in. Latex-15ct.
Item Number: #CRLB1-15ct
Price: $1.79

Brown 12 in. Latex-15ct.
Item Number: #BNLB1-15ct
Price: $1.79


Peach 12 in. Latex-15ct.
Item Number: #PCHLB1-15ct
Price: $1.79
Latex Balloons
Small Count Bag


ANY Regular COLOR not listed above but that we sell for
$9.95 per 144 count bag.  On Link below:
Will refund/cancel any order not terms with this offer.
12 in. Latex-15ct.
Item Number: #ACLB1-15ct
Price: $2.29

List 1 Color Here


Metallic Gold
12 in. Latex-12ct.

Metallic Silver
12 in. Latex-12ct.


Pearlized Assorted
12 in. Latex-10ct.
Item# 5132-WI

Special Latex
Color Assortment

Iron Man Colors Latex Balloons
12 - 12in. Latex Balloons 3 each of:
Burgundy, Black, Gold and Navy.
Item: #BBGN12x12
Price: $1.99

Pearlized Hunter Green
12 in. Latex-15ct.

Pearlized  Red
12 in. Latex-15ct.

6 - Balloons 12in. Latex Helium Grade Balloons: (2ea.) Lime Green, Pink and Yellow

Price: $.99

6 - Balloons 12in. Latex Helium Grade Balloons: (2ea.) Red, White and Blue

Price: $.99

6 - Balloons 12in. Latex Helium Grade Balloons: (2ea.) Lavender, Yellow and Pink.

Price: $.99

6 - Balloons 12in. Latex Helium Grade Balloons: (2ea.) Blue, Red and Yellow

Price: $.99

Clown Themed
Latex Color Balloons

6 - Latex Clown Themed Color Latex Balloons 12 in.
Item Number: Clown Color Latex
6 pack Price: $.99 per pack

Assorted Colors Latex Balloons

15 - Balloons 12in Latex Helium Grade Asst. Colors
Price: $1.79

10 - Assorted Color 12"
Printed Happy Birthday Balloons

Price: $1.49


Red, White and Blue Mix
144 - 12" Helium Balloons
Red White Blue Patriotic Military Mix
Item Number: Red, White and Blue Mix 144
Price: $10.95



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